Hello, Readers, I started a blog in 2010 when I and my two daughters moved from Boston, Massachusetts, to Cambridge, England.  For me it was a homecoming, since I am originally English, despite many years in the US.

We had a wonderful year, with my girls in Cambridge schools, which I documented in The Year of Living Englishly.  We returned to Boston because my older daughter wanted to attend a US college, but every summer since then we have returned to Cambridge and my parents’ village in the Peak District of Derbyshire.

This second blog is about what it’s like to live in Boston–and in the US–under Presidents Obama and Trump (I can’t believe that I actually wrote this last word).

To read about our time living in the UK and the many differences between the US and the UK, famously described by George Bernard Shaw as “two countries separated by the same language,” please go to The Year of Living Englishly.  See you there, and thanks for reading Back in Boston.