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Don’t get me started on Massachusetts drivers.  Really.  Do not.

But I saw this sign last weekend while driving to New Hampshire, and it’s given me a scintilla of hope that something might improve.

The state of Massachusetts wants you to use your blinker (turn signal).  Badly.  And they are trying to capture your attention by making fun of the Massachusetts accent, where any word ending in an “R” loses it, and any word ending in a vowel, gets an “R.” Get the idear?

Use yah blinkah!

In Massachusetts, and even more so in Boston, no one EVER uses their blinker.

Here in MA, it’s a sign of weakness to use your turn signal.  Actually tell someone what your driving plans are, even at the next corner? Give someone a glimpse of your future plans in the next 2-10 seconds although it could mean that your two tons of steel might be grievously damaged by someone else’s two tons of steel, and vice versa?  Let another driver have a chance to avoid your stupid maneuvers?  Unthinkable.  Not to mention unblinkable.

I learned to drive in England, and I have to tell you, almost everyone signals their turns. You’re moving from one lane to another?  Signal.  You’re on a roundabout (rotary) and want the inside lane because you’re going most of the way around?  Signal.  You’re getting off a roundabout?  Signal.  You’re turning right and want to let the person behind you know so he/she can slow down and/or plan to go around you?  Signal.

In Boston, we have what I call the “mind-reading” school of driving. Why signal what you’re doing so that nearby drivers can anticipate your moves and if necessary take evasive action?  Just do it!  Signalling would spoil the fun.

There’s a reason that drivers from Massachusetts are called a term that is short for Massachusetts (hint: “Mass”) followed immediately by the word “holes.”

My biggest pet peeve of driving in Boston?  I’m properly and safely signalling my lane change, and some Massachusetts-hole A LONG WAY behind me SPEEDS UP to cut me off.

And please don’t think that they are kindly trying to get out of my way so I can move over safely.  My signal that I want to change lanes is a cue for them to hit the gas.

And then they give me a blast on their horn because they almost caused an accident.

When my nearest and dearest come to visit me in Massachusetts, I always tell them not to hire a car.  I will drive them wherever they want to go.  First rule of driving in Massachusetts, If you ever have an inclination to drive, Don’t.

And after that, please, everyone, Use yah blinkah!